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■Inquiry Mail (Addressed to Digitaleaf Customer Service Center)
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The personal information of the customer who inputs the inquiry form will be used only for correspondence concerning the contents of the inquiry.

The mark is a required item.

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Department / Position
Phone Number
Mail Address
Mail Address
Handling of personal information
Content of Inquiry
Handling of personal information
Management of personal information
We will appropriately manage personal information (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”) based on our personal information protection policy.
Purpose of collecting personal information
We collect your personal information only through the “Contact Form” that you have submitted on our website, and we will only use it for dealing with inquiries.
Voluntary provision of information
Please make your own decision on whether or not to provide personal information. However, if you provide inappropriate or insufficient information, we may not be able to respond to your inquiries.
Provision of personal information 1
Personal information collected may be entrusted to outside contractors for further information processing. We will ensure that personal information is still managed appropriately.
Provision of personal information 2
We will only share your personal information with other than our company only if we have been granted by your consent.
Disclosure, correction and deletion of personal information
We will not respond to the disclosure, correction, or deletion of personal information unless there is a special reason after confirming that the claimant is the principal. In that case, please contact the above-mentioned window by letter or e-mail.